Sensory Bean Bin Add-In: Scrabble Letters

I love using the bean bin in My Obstacle Courses because I can work on my son’s sensory issues while combining it with things that he finds interesting. He loves letters and words so for us it makes complete sense to combine the two!

Most everyone has a Scrabble game in their house, a game . . . → Read More: Sensory Bean Bin Add-In: Scrabble Letters

Cool Find- Textured Rubbing Plates

My son HATES to color. He doesn’t see the purpose in it, knows he’s not great at it (getting better since starting OT for fine motor skills) so he literally looks elsewhere while he is coloring. That said, it is something that I have tried many different ways to make purposeful for him and haven’t . . . → Read More: Cool Find- Textured Rubbing Plates

Bean Bin

Seasonal Sensory Bean Bin

If you walk into most preschool classrooms and/or occupational therapy rooms, chances are you will find something called a sensory bin. This is something that most children enjoy and if your child has sensory issues, is something that can be used to help get them more comfortable with different textures. I . . . → Read More: Bean Bin

Leftover Foil Pan? Just add…

So Thanksgiving has come and gone, we are all wishing our pants had that wonderful stretchy fabric found on maternity pants and we are dealing with all of the leftovers. Here is an idea for a leftover you may have that will not add any inches to your waistline, a foil pan you can use . . . → Read More: Leftover Foil Pan? Just add…

Foil Pan Salt Writing

Since the foil pan (or roasting pan if you prefer something heavier) has very deep sides, it makes it a great container for things that otherwise would get all over the place. When doing station activities like this, activities kids can really get into, there are things you can do to make your life a . . . → Read More: Foil Pan Salt Writing

I’m Thankful for…Foil Pans!

When I think of November, I think about cozy, autumn days spent at home. My mission this month was to find some ways to help you build your child’s skills at home while using things that you most likely have.

The Foil Roasting Pan

The Foil Roasting Pan made it’s appearance at the end of . . . → Read More: I’m Thankful for…Foil Pans!