I’m Thankful for…Foil Pans!

When I think of November, I think about cozy, autumn days spent at home.  My mission this month was to find some ways to help you build your child’s skills at home while using things that you most likely have.

The Foil Roasting Pan

The Foil Roasting Pan made it’s appearance at the end of the grocery aisle, symbolizing it’s importance and usefulness at this time of year.  When I see these I think of stuffing, turkey, most importantly, easy clean up!  I know that I am more willing to do something messy with my son if it is contained a bit.  I saw the foil pans and had a number of ways to put them to use as stations, allowing children to have fun while also building skills.

Idea #1:  Just Add Water for Turkey Baster Fun

This is an easy station idea that works to build fine motor skills and play skills.

Step 1: Begin with an empty foil pan.

Step 2: Fill the pan with some water (not all of the way to the top, between 1/4 and 1/3 full) and place on top of a towel to catch spills.

Step 3: Add a turkey baster and show how to squeeze the bulb to suck in water.

Step 4: The turkey baster is now completely filled up with water.

Step 5: Squeeze the baster to squirt the water back into the pan.

Add some food coloring to the water so they can really see the water inside of the baster!

You can add to this by having another pan or bowl right next to it so they can transfer the water.  Have them predict how many times it would take for them to fill the baster before the pan is empty!

Once they are done with this station, easy clean up by dumping the water down the sink, rinsing and wiping so it’s ready for the next time!

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