No Paper Or Pencils Required Here!

Fine motor skills, other than spinning small items like a dime, have been a bit of a challenge for Andrew. I wrote about some handwriting helpers (markers, crayons and pencil grips) I found that help with finger positioning and I would also like to share some fun toys/tools he’s gotten that I’ve incorporated in My . . . → Read More: No Paper Or Pencils Required Here!

Puff Blowing

I’m sure that I am different from many people in that I have spent a good deal of time thinking about a skill that children usually pick up early on – being able to blow air out of their mouth. This skill usually comes naturally as parents model and teach their children to blow on . . . → Read More: Puff Blowing

Make Your Own Tunnel

Andrew began getting OT (occupational therapy) services this year and it has made such a big difference for him. I would sit in the waiting room and listen to the laughter coming from the kids and the therapists – what a fun job!! One day they had me come back and Andrew was creeping and . . . → Read More: Make Your Own Tunnel

Cookie Cutter Decorating

While I love to cook, I cannot bake. When I say I cannot bake, I mean I really cannot bake, not even cookies you drop onto a tray. This has been an issue all of my life and whenever I get up the courage to try again, I always end up with cookies that are . . . → Read More: Cookie Cutter Decorating

New Toys Not Played With…Now What?

It seemed like every year Christmas would come, I would go out, search for toys and find some that I thought would be fabulous for Andrew. I tended to choose pretty basic things that had lots of possibility in my mind to build his pretend play skills. He would open the toys and they would . . . → Read More: New Toys Not Played With…Now What?

Gingerbread Man Activity- No Baking Required!

This past week, with the holiday season upon us, I have noticed things related to gingerbread men and gingerbread houses all around me. It reminded me of an activity I did with Andrew in one of My Obstacle Courses.

One of my favorite websites to get thematic ideas and printable materials is I don’t . . . → Read More: Gingerbread Man Activity- No Baking Required!

Clothesline Clipping- Ornaments

As a child I always loved playing with a little clothesline that I would tie between trees while hanging my little doll clothes on it. When I taught kindergarten, I used a clothesline as a station center but instead of hanging clothes on it, the children used it to work on building fine motor skills . . . → Read More: Clothesline Clipping- Ornaments

Energetic Children Part 2

The My Obstacle Course station ideas I gave yesterday included toys and tools that we have accumulated through the years as holiday and birthday gifts as well as some things that we purchased for him to work on his motor skills. Today I will focus more on things that I have around my house and . . . → Read More: Energetic Children Part 2

Energetic Children?

The next two posts are specifically for all of you out there with children who are really active and need to be moving around (like my child!). One of the things about My Obstacle Course that has made such a huge difference for us is the fact that the activity stations are not long, drawn . . . → Read More: Energetic Children?

Hammer Away!

My Obstacle Course Station Idea: Golf Tee Hammering (note the directions written out- it's not me telling you what to do, it's the paper!)

I love this activity and have used it with my kindergarten students as well as with my son. So easy and so fun!

What You Need For A Hammering Station: . . . → Read More: Hammer Away!