One of the great things about My Obstacle Courses is that multiple areas of development are mixed and matched giving me more bang for my buck, especially when needing to build skills that my son wasn’t crazy about practicing.  I had learned about the importance of crawling for brain development (cross-patterning, using both sides of your body at the same time (ex. right arm with left leg, left arm with right leg when you walk and run), helps make brain connections and the distance from the floor to your eyes is around the same distance you read things at- fascinating stuff- more to come!) and wanted a way to get him crawling more.  Just as most things are with him when it comes to something I want him to do, he wasn’t crazy about just getting on the ground and crawling with me.  I figured that if I could just make it part of the obstacle course, he would do it.

Hidden Treasure

One day as I was scouring my house trying to find things to use, I found some collapsable tunnels that he had gotten as a gift one year.  Those tunnels and tents would make perfect stations, not only making it more visually appealing for him but it also made it more of an adventure to have to go through them on the way to the next station, not always knowing what was going to be waiting for him on the other side.  It worked!  Sure enough, he began crawling, as long as it was part of the Obstacle Course.

"What do I get to do next?"

My Obstacle Course station idea: square collapsable tunnel

My Obstacle Course station idea: small round tunnel

My Obstacle Course station idea: Tent-like collapsable tunnel is used to "hide" parts of an activity.

What a great, easy way to add a bit of fun and adventure to My Obstacle Course!  Since they fold up flat, when you are done, just stow them away for the next time.

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