Winter Themed Uppercase and Lowercase Letter Matching Game

I was at the teacher supply store looking for some ideas for a winter themed Obstacle Course and found a package of these cute penguin and igloo cutouts.  I think their original purpose was for a bulletin board but I decided to use them to create an Uppercase and Lowercase Letter Matching Game.  It is so easy to prepare a station activity like this when the difficult work of cutting and theme-making is done for me!

Penguin and Igloo Bulletin Board Cutouts to be turned into an Uppercase and Lowercase Letter Matching Game!

(Note:  This idea can be adapted to use different kinds of paper, cutouts or items such as magnet letters, letter blocks, or wood letters- and I will do future posts on some of these.  I’m just showing a sample activity that I thought was cute and works well for building this skill in a Winter Themed My Obstacle Course.)

How to make the Uppercase and Lowercase Letter Matching Game:

1.  Choose which cutout is going to have the uppercase letter and which one will have the lowercase.  In my game, I chose the igloo to have the uppercase letter and the penguin to have the lowercase letter.

2.  Write the letters on each.

Igloo with uppercase letter, penguin with lowercase letter

3.  Choose the letters that you want your child to match and separate them.  Arrange them so they are not in the same order on the top and the bottom.

Letters chosen, cutouts separated and placed in order ready to be matched. I used a snowflake calendar cutout to write the directions - "Match the uppercase and lowercase letters."

4.  Your child matches up the letters!  Take note of any letters that give your child difficulty so you know to focus on those in the future.

Letters matched!

See how easy it is!!  Activity stations like this don’t have to be elaborate, super fancy things.  Something like this is quick and easy to make and also provides you with a lot of really useful information about your child’s letter awareness.  You could even add in saying the sounds the letters make for even more literacy exposure!

(While I found these at my teacher store, Teacher Heaven, you could also click here to go right to the Carson-Dellosa webpage for the bulletin board cutouts if you are interested.  (Note:  I have no ties with this company, just sharing information.)  They come in a package of 16 penguins and 16 igloos, so you could either purchase two packages or choose which letters your child needs to work on and only use those letters.)

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