Hammer Away!

My Obstacle Course Station Idea: Golf Tee Hammering (note the directions written out- it's not me telling you what to do, it's the paper!)

I love this activity and have used it with my kindergarten students as well as with my son.  So easy and so fun!

What You Need For A Hammering Station:

a sturdy piece of foam, like the kind found protecting electronics while in the box - be on the lookout while people are opening gifts next week!!

some golf tees

a toy hammer

These three things, put together, help build fine motor skills as well as motor planning.

Make sure the foam is thicker than the tee so that the surface underneath does not get ruined.

Start by pushing the tee in just a bit.

Your child uses the hammer to strike the tee.

If they have difficulty with this, help them by placing your hand over theirs (called “hand over hand”) and striking the tee together.

They keep hammering until the tee is almost all the way down.

All of the tees are hammered in!

Another fine motor building activity- pulling them out!!

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