Energetic Children Part 2

The My Obstacle Course station ideas I gave yesterday included toys and tools that we have accumulated through the years as holiday and birthday gifts as well as some things that we purchased for him to work on his motor skills. Today I will focus more on things that I have around my house and are fairly common things in the houses of young children.

Go On A Treasure Hunt In Your Own Home And You Might Be Surprised At What You Can Use!!

I encourage you to be creative, go out to the garage or climb deep into the depths of the closets throughout your house and you just might be surprised at what you find that could be incorporated into a fun My Obstacle Course for your child.  I found collapsible tunnels (which I’ve posted about), an unused nap mat, a bean bag toss game, balls that weren’t played with and even had an idea while climbing the stairs during my hunt!

Nap mat

Nap mat turned into surface for rolling

I got the idea to include this regular nap mat after a gymnastics session. I realized that while he certainly didn’t use it for napping purposes, it would be a fabulous My Obstacle Course station. It could be used as a place to work on hot dog rolls, forward or backward rolls. I have also put it against a wall so he could do a supported head stand, handstand or wheel-barrow walk up (walking feet up the wall while hands are on the mat and arms are straight).  If you don’t have one of these, get creative- think folded blankets, patio furniture cushions.

Use the Stairs

Using the stairs for a "Climb and Match" activity.


Matching! Now back down the stairs for the next one to match.

  • “Climb and Sort” or “Climb and Match”-The stairs are great for matching or sorting activities because you can place the items or cards to be sorted at the bottom and the containers to be sorted into can be at the top. Since he can only take one item or card up at a time, this has been a good energy buster for us!
  • If you want something with no preparation required, set a timer and see how many times they can climb up and down (one foot on each step if they can) before the timer runs out.


A ball for tossing or kicking while spelling or counting.

Lightly pass or kick a ball back and forth as you say the ABC’s, spell spelling words, count forwards or backwards. You can say them together or take turns so that everyone has to pay close attention!

Bean Bag or Rolled Sock Toss

Empty bin and some of my rolled up socks

Tossing the rolled up socks into the bin!

Place a container (box, bin or pail) a few feet away from where your child will be standing. Have them toss the bean bags or rolled socks (hey, you don’t have to go out and buy things to work on these skills 🙂 !) into the container. This works on motor planning and the motor skill of tossing in the same motion that one would use while bowling.

Engage, encourage and empower your child at home and have a bit of fun with them while you’re at it!!

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