Gingerbread Man Activity- No Baking Required!

This past week, with the holiday season upon us, I have noticed things related to gingerbread men and gingerbread houses all around me.  It reminded me of an activity I did with Andrew in one of My Obstacle Courses.

One of my favorite websites to get thematic ideas and printable materials is  I don’t usually use the print outs as they are unless I am working on a specific skill but I do like the literacy and math skills that they help build.  To make it more kid-friendly and interactive, I like to use thematic shapes and/or colored index cards, cutting and pasting the words and/or pictures on to create a matching activity.

Gingerbread Man Story- Matching Words with Clues

Words cut and pasted onto index cards cut in half.

Word clues cut and pasted onto precut gingerbread men.

My Obstacle Course station idea: Clothesline Clipping words with their clues

I used this as a clothesline clipping activity to incorporate fine motor skills with a literacy skill but it could also be used along with “Crawl and Match” or “Climb and Match” to combine literacy and gross motor skills.

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