Dr. Seuss’ Birthday

Dr. Seuss’ Birthday is coming up on March 2nd and every year I am reminded of a story one of my kindergartener’s parents told me. She had been living in California at one point in time and had the opportunity to go to Dr. Seuss’ house and he would sit in a rocking chair with . . . → Read More: Dr. Seuss’ Birthday

See and Spell Puzzles

Thanks To My Obstacle Course, Another Toy Saved From The Island (Or Closet) Of Unused Toys!

I got this great set of Melissa and Doug See and Spell puzzles to help with letter recognition and introduce word building with Andrew when he was around four. He wasn’t really interested in it until I began using . . . → Read More: See and Spell Puzzles

My Obstacle Course Video

I thought I would share a video I made for a tele-class I am taking (I posted it on Facebook as well so my apologies if you have already seen this!). My original intention for the class was to create “How To” videos for my website, which I’m still working on, but decided to begin . . . → Read More: My Obstacle Course Video


If you are looking for a fun way to sneak in basic number identification, counting skills and/or math facts, try using something you probably have sitting in a cupboard inside of a board game box – dice. I like to use dice because it keeps things random, requires no set up, helps build motor skills . . . → Read More: Dice

The Bulb Syringe- Not Just For Baby’s Nose!

I know I say this all of the time but I really do love that there are so many wonderful and unexpected items sitting right in my cupboards that allow me to help Andrew build skills! I found this bulb syringe, aka the booger bulb, while cleaning out our medicine cabinet and figured since it . . . → Read More: The Bulb Syringe- Not Just For Baby’s Nose!

Cutting Out Grocery Store Ads

I love to find things that can be combined with another thing or tool to make an interesting station activity for My Obstacle Courses. When they are delivered to my mailbox and are free, I am beyond excited! Grocery advertisements are a perfect example of this. I used them all of the time when teaching . . . → Read More: Cutting Out Grocery Store Ads

No “Ick” Finger Painting

Finger Painting! A wonderful, soothing activity to express creativity with cold, wet paint on a blank canvas of white paper – for some that is. For others, it is definitely a non-preferred, “avoid if possible” activity. Why is this? Some people, especially those with sensory sensitivities, do not like getting things on their skin. There . . . → Read More: No “Ick” Finger Painting

How Do They Feel?

My Obstacle Course Activity Idea: How Do They Feel? Sorting Station

This is a station activity I used with Andrew to work on recognizing how other people might be feeling during certain situations. This is a very easy station to make and only takes a short amount of time to write the situations, especially if . . . → Read More: How Do They Feel?

Lite Brite Heart

We have a lot of toys that Andrew does not play with (click here for a previous post about new toys) and so I began including these toys as station activities in My Obstacle Course. I do this so I can teach him how to play with them (in case that is why he doesn’t . . . → Read More: Lite Brite Heart

Candy Heart Math

Candy hearts are another way to sneak in some math while using something that is really easy to find this time of year.

My Obstacle Course Station Activity: Match Up Numbers With The Same Number Of Items (Clothesline Clipping An Optional Add-On)

Candy Heart Number Match-Up

This activity helps to build one to one . . . → Read More: Candy Heart Math