Cutting Out Grocery Store Ads

I love to find things that can be combined with another thing or tool to make an interesting station activity for My Obstacle Courses. When they are delivered to my mailbox and are free, I am beyond excited! Grocery advertisements are a perfect example of this. I used them all of the time when teaching Kindergarten to help with reading, math and fine motor skills and have used them with Andrew at home while doing My Obstacle Course. They are always changing so it keeps things interesting!

My Obstacle Course Station Activity: Cut Out 5 Things You Love

For a February themed My Obstacle Course that we did last week, I combined the grocery advertisements with our loop scissors for Andrew to cut out 5 things he loved.

My Obstacle Course Station Activity: Cut out 5 things you love

The advertisements are perfect because there are lots of colorful pictures of a wide variety of things. Adding the scissors allows me to help him build his cutting skills and since it is a station within the Obstacle Course, there are specific directions and he knows just what to do. I am also there to help out if needed. (Example: I did have to help him figure out how to get his scissors to a picture in the middle of the page.)

Check out how engaged he is!

Cutting out a heart. Two previous choices are in the left hand corner.

Turning his hand to cut and using the other hand to hold the paper. Progress!

He's totally cracking himself up with his choice!

See, practicing cutting skills with grocery advertisements can be fun!!

This is such an easy way to help your child build cutting skills, and it’s free! While the things that he cut were not cut out perfectly, you can see from the expression on his face that it didn’t matter. He was having fun and was practicing how to maneuver his hands to get the scissors to the picture he wanted to cut without the stress of doing it perfectly. (Note: The advertisements can be torn or cut into smaller sections if the whole thing is too much for your child to handle.)

Engage, Encourage and Empower!

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