My Obstacle Course Video

I thought I would share a video I made for a tele-class I am taking (I posted it on Facebook as well so my apologies if you have already seen this!). My original intention for the class was to create “How To” videos for my website, which I’m still working on, but decided to begin with a video showing why I came up with My Obstacle Course, how much more Andrew is engaged when we are doing the station activities and the progress we have made in determining what he knows and what he can do. When I first heard the song “War Of My Life” I thought, that is what we as parents, teachers and therapists feel when trying so hard to do anything we can to help our children. I hope you enjoy it and thank you again for allowing me to share with you!!

Video Clip Interpretation:

There are several video clips of Andrew doing station activities and it may be difficult to understand what he is doing or saying. I have always been really good at knowing what he is saying (even before he was “speaking”) so I will interpret for you :).

Video clip 1 – He is sorting shaped buttons and is doing so in a specific order. He says “Circle first, then comes square, then comes triangle, then comes oval.”

Video clip 2 – He is “reading” a clue that says “Pick the animal the says “ribbit” and then he picks up a frog and says “frog.”

Video clip 3 – We were playing a Valentine’s themed memory match game.

Video clip 4 – He was searching for things in the snowy sensory bin and found a snowman.

Video clip 5 – He is reading from a book called “Snow” and says, “Gray clouds crawl across the sky.”

Video clip 6 – He is stacking 6 blocks without them falling over.

Helping Andrew achieve all that he can is the “war of my life” and sharing this with others has become another passion. Feel free to pass this on to friends or parents that you think it could help. It has already found many people that needed it and my heart is filled with gratitude that I have found something that is making a difference!

Engage, Encourage and Empower!

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