Design and Drill

"Design and Drill" toy

When I first saw this toy I thought it would be a huge hit with Andrew and when he seemed reluctant to play with it I immediately made plans to turn it into a station activity in My Obstacle Course. It is a square with holes to be used with . . . → Read More: Design and Drill

Pastry Brush as Paint Brush

Pastry (or Basting) Brush

I found these bright brushes at Target. I thought that they would be great for painting with while also being super easy to clean. Andrew is not a huge fan of painting and past attempts involving sheets of blank white paper have lasted about 15 seconds. I took that knowledge and . . . → Read More: Pastry Brush as Paint Brush

Practicing Speech Sounds

Most speech pathologists will send home practice pages with words that have the target sound for the child to work on. If they do not, contact them and let them know that you would like to reinforce what they are doing and would like to stay current on the sounds your child needs to practice. . . . → Read More: Practicing Speech Sounds

Colored Marshmallow Graphing

I love it when I find something that is fun and inexpensive that can be used in many different ways and the colored marshmallows I wrote about last week are another one of those things!

Here is a My Obstacle Course station activity to build the math skills of graphing and interpreting data with colored . . . → Read More: Colored Marshmallow Graphing

Stir Up Some Fun With Spring Colored Whisks!

I found these colored whisks at Target and besides being perfect for using in a spring themed My Obstacle Course, I realized they would be perfect for building a skill I was working on with Andrew.

Spring colored whisks

If At First It Doesn’t Work, Try Something Different

I had introduced a stirring activity . . . → Read More: Stir Up Some Fun With Spring Colored Whisks!

Colored Marshmallow Sorting Station

It was springtime last year and I was on the hunt for things that reminded me of spring to use with Andrew’s My Obstacle Courses. I was in our grocery store, (which is a great place to find fun, thematic materials- especially in the “holiday” aisle and the shelves at the end of the aisle), . . . → Read More: Colored Marshmallow Sorting Station

Spring Themed Word Sort

When Andrew was younger, it became obvious that sitting at the kitchen counter to practice school work or therapy words was not going to be easy or fun, for either of us! That is one of the main reasons for coming up with My Obstacle Course. We needed something different and one of the things . . . → Read More: Spring Themed Word Sort

Spring Colored Containers

I love containers! I don’t know what it is about them, it just always makes me feel good to know that something has a place. When I began doing My Obstacle Courses with Andrew, I began collecting inexpensive containers (paper or plastic cups included!) that went along with themes that would not only help me . . . → Read More: Spring Colored Containers

Building Hand Strength with Frosting and Food Coloring

I was looking for ways to build Andrew’s hand strength, particularly the muscles that allow the hand to squeeze and squash things. I have shown how I’ve used frosting in a cake decorator (Cookie Cutter Decorating) to work on this and was particularly excited about his interest in making colors with food coloring and thought . . . → Read More: Building Hand Strength with Frosting and Food Coloring

Calendar Numbers – Not Just For Calendars!

I was strolling through the aisles of my local teacher supply store (One of my favorite things to do! What can I say? Some people love to browse for shoes and clothes, I love to browse for educational supplies! 🙂 ) and noticed that there was a whole section devoted to calendar supplies, especially thematic . . . → Read More: Calendar Numbers – Not Just For Calendars!