Easy Theme Reinforcers – March

One of the main reasons I came up with My Obstacle Course was to find a way to engage with Andrew at home while doing reinforcement activities for therapies and school. I found that utilizing a theme for each Obstacle Course allowed me to work on skills in all developmental areas while being purposeful and . . . → Read More: Easy Theme Reinforcers – March

Greater Than/Less Than Using Sticker Cards

Here is a link to a previous post, Sticker Cards, that I did showing how to make what I call sticker number cards. These are modeled after a deck of cards but because I make them with stickers and colored index cards, they can be made quite easily to go with the theme we are . . . → Read More: Greater Than/Less Than Using Sticker Cards

Handwriting Skill Building With Dry Erase Books

My Obstacle Course Station Activity: "Write and Wipe" Book – Practicing Uppercase "C"

This is for those of you who either have children that actually enjoy working in workbooks or have children who are ready build handwriting skills yet are reluctant to practice with paper and pencil. I do not have a child who . . . → Read More: Handwriting Skill Building With Dry Erase Books

Balloon Tossing

This is an idea that I tried years ago as a My Obstacle Course station activity when working on ball skills but heard about it again last week from Andrew’s Occupational Therapist so I thought I would share. I began using balloons when it became obvious to me that ball skills were going to be . . . → Read More: Balloon Tossing

St. Patrick’s Hat “Search and Find”

My Obstacle Course Station Activity: St. Patrick's Hat "Search and Find"

I got this idea from a game that Andrew’s class had been playing called “Ned’s Head.” The idea for this and the “Ned’s Head” game comes from using the sense of touch to locate or identify an object. (Here is a google link . . . → Read More: St. Patrick’s Hat “Search and Find”

Super Simple Shape Sorting

Last year I was working with a mother who had a young child but was wanting ways to work with him without having to go out and buy all sorts of new toys and gadgets. One of the things that I found really helpful when I began doing this was going through our own closets . . . → Read More: Super Simple Shape Sorting

March Themed Memory Match

My Obstacle Course Station Activity: March Themed Memory Match

This is a super easy March Themed Memory Match game to make. I used some shamrock shaped calendar cutouts and some St. Patrick’s Day themed stickers (I usually use colored index cards cut in half but grabbed these because I needed something quick and easy . . . → Read More: March Themed Memory Match


This is one of my all time favorite discoveries! I was looking for ways to build Andrew’s pincer grasp for handwriting and began using tweezers because they require using the same fingers and muscles for grasping a pencil. I paired the tweezers with colored puffs in different sizes because he would have to squeeze his . . . → Read More: Tweezers

Sentence Strips

Sentence strips are strips of lined paper, usually colored, that are used in classrooms to build literacy skills. They can be found in teacher supply stores or online (You can google sentence strips or click here for a link to Teacher Heaven where I got mine.)

Sentence strips

Front and back of sentence . . . → Read More: Sentence Strips

Using Timers for Motivation and Self Regulation

I am someone who LOVES (and needs) to use a timer. I tend to get distracted easily (wonder where Andrew gets it from!) but there is something about a timer that helps me to focus. It is great because when the timer is on, I think, “Ok, I can do ___ for x amount of . . . → Read More: Using Timers for Motivation and Self Regulation