Summer Themed My Obstacle Course Finds

I’ve had a lot of people inquire about where I get my materials and seasonal items. I visit stores like Target, Michael’s and Walgreens because they have a lot of kid-friendly items that aren’t super expensive. I plan ahead so when they begin putting out items for the next season or holiday, I check out . . . → Read More: Summer Themed My Obstacle Course Finds

Cootie Catcher

I received some wonderful materials from Creative Teaching Press and these “Cootie Catchers” were included.

Package of "All About Me" Cootie Catchers

Seeing this activity sent me back to elementary school days remembering when we would make these out of loose-leaf paper in order to determine who best friends were, who we were going . . . → Read More: Cootie Catcher

Computer As Translator

My last year of teaching, I had the blessing of having a child who was on the autism spectrum in my home room. At the time, I knew very little about autism but he taught me so much and I learned quite a bit that year that would later help me with Andrew.

This child . . . → Read More: Computer As Translator

Do-A-Dot Art Station

Do-A-Dot paint markers provide a great way to quickly and easily get an art project together without worrying about getting a lot of paint on fingers, hands, etc. It also is a good way to build hand muscles by pushing and using pressure to make the dots on the paper.

"Do-A-Dot" Marker

Building . . . → Read More: Do-A-Dot Art Station

Egg Tray As Math Organizer

Egg Tray For Adding/Subtracting/Multiplying/Dividing

Ok, so Easter is done but I have one more idea for how to use something you may have…an egg tray (you could also use an egg carton or ice-cube tray).

Egg Tray Math Organizer

I got this bunny shaped Egg Tray at Target last year and thought it would . . . → Read More: Egg Tray As Math Organizer

Reusing Egg Coloring Cups

It’s Earth Day and I thought it would be nice to combine the practice of reusing with something you may have purchased in the past weeks – the colored cups that come with egg dying kits. Once you’re done coloring Easter eggs, the containers are perfect for using in My Obstacle Courses! They stack well . . . → Read More: Reusing Egg Coloring Cups

Jelly Beans Tweezing

I was at our grocery store and found these different colors of Easter grass.

Easter Grass in fun colors!

I purchased them not for our Easter baskets but rather to use in My Obstacle Course along with tweezers or tongs for fine motor skill building. While Andrew’s handwriting is really improving, we still need . . . → Read More: Jelly Beans Tweezing

Jelly Bean Sorting

My Obstacle Course Station Activity: Jelly Bean Sorting

This is the jelly bean variation of a My Obstacle Course Sorting Station Activity that I have posted on before. Here is the link for the one using Colored Marshmallows.

Set Up:

The set up is super simple, requiring only white printer paper, a marker, some jelly . . . → Read More: Jelly Bean Sorting

Jelly Bean Graphing

I may as well call this “Jelly Bean Math Week” because there are so many ways to use this seasonal item to build a wide variety of math skills. (I’m sure they are around all year, I just associate them with this time of year.) Grab some jelly beans (and a toothbrush) because here I . . . → Read More: Jelly Bean Graphing

Sample My Obstacle Course From Start To Finish

This is an outline of what I do when I set up My Obstacle Course for Andrew. This particular course is one we did a few years ago when he was 5 years old. I like to do 20 stations, which usually takes us about 45 minutes to an hour. Don’t panic at the number! . . . → Read More: Sample My Obstacle Course From Start To Finish