Find Baby Butterfly

This is an adaptation of a game that I used with my students when I taught kindergarten. It was called “Where’s Uncle Ugboo?” and it was basically a hide and seek game using construction paper umbrellas with letters of the alphabet on them and a small picture of Uncle Ugboo that I would “hide” under an umbrella. We would go around and the students had to identify the letter before they could lift it to see if he was under the umbrella. If they found him, they got to hide him the next time. They loved it and it was a fun way to practice letter identification.

I decided to try it with Andrew and was so excited because I realized how simple this was to make with cutouts or index cards and also the whole idea that I was not limited to just doing letters. I could make the game so it was building on whatever concepts he was ready for, including (but not limited to) numbers, words, colors, shapes, emotions, thematic vocabulary words (think science and social studies vocabulary!), etc.

I used some large butterfly cutouts, wrote or drew what I wanted him to identify and then set them out at one of My Obstacle Course stations. (Note: When making this game, I recommend using something thicker than paper like calendar cutouts or index cards so that they cannot see the baby butterfly underneath.)

My Obstacle Course Station Activity: Find Baby Butterfly

Letter Identification:

Letter Identification Game Set Up

Baby Butterfly

I placed a small butterfly cutout (the baby butterfly) underneath one of the larger ones. That is it for set up!

Hiding Baby Butterfly

When playing this game, he has to identify whatever is on the butterfly or card before he can lift it up to see if the baby butterfly is underneath.

Lifting the cutout to see if it's there!


Multiples Of 7 Game Set Up

Baby butterfly is hiding under the number 14

Sight Words or Vocabulary Words:

Sight Word Game Set Up

Hiding under the word "know"

You can also modify it so that there are a few baby butterflies hidden or you could play it a few times if they find it right away. Super simple, fun and helps build skills. I love activities that incorporate all of those things!!

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