Pretend Play – Theme Boxes

When I first set out to really work with Andrew, one of the things that I wanted to focus on was his pretend play skills. I thought about what preschools and kindergartens did to encourage children to pretend play and realized that they simply provide materials for children to experiment with and play with usually . . . → Read More: Pretend Play – Theme Boxes

Patriotic Pinwheel Blowing

Patriotic Pinwheel

You may have picked some of these up for your yard or bicycle this Memorial Day but did you also realize that you can use this patriotic yard decoration to help your child build oral motor skills?

Andrew had a lot of difficulty trying to figure out how to blow air out . . . → Read More: Patriotic Pinwheel Blowing

Velvet Coloring Pages

These are Velvet Coloring Books that I found in the dollar section of Target recently. (Andrew also got one yesterday from a friend at school as a birthday favor.)



Jungle Animals

I have seen these many times before, I even remember coloring with them while I was growing up but . . . → Read More: Velvet Coloring Pages

Calendar Numbers With Story Starters

I recently found these calendar numbers at the teacher store and thought they were perfect for summer. In addition to being great for working on number recognition and number order, these also include “Story Starters” on the back to encourage creative writing.

Calendar Days with Story Starters by Teacher Created Resources

Each calendar number . . . → Read More: Calendar Numbers With Story Starters

The Nap Mat…Not Just For Napping!

Ahhhh…the nap mat! How I would love to have a mandatory nap time. Perhaps I’ll carry this around with me and when I get tired whip it out and take a nap. Wouldn’t that be awesome!!

Perfect for forward rolls!

This is something I picked up two years ago at the beginning of the . . . → Read More: The Nap Mat…Not Just For Napping!

Make Your Own Counting Book

I wanted to work on the math concepts of “How many ___?” and “How many in all?” with Andrew. While my first preference is to use objects or manipulatives, I also realized that it would be helpful for him to be able to count things on paper. I wanted to see how he would do . . . → Read More: Make Your Own Counting Book

Crawl and Match

This is one of my favorite My Obstacle Course station activities because it is so simple and has so many possibilities!

My Obstacle Course Station Activity: "Crawl and Match"

Crawl and Match is as simple as it sounds. On one end of a carpet runner, or carpeted area, I place some objects, cards or . . . → Read More: Crawl and Match

Practicing Speech Words

It really can be as easy as this next My Obstacle Course station activity that I am going to tell you about! When Andrew goes to speech, we usually get a sheet of words, mostly with pictures, to take home to practice.

Speech practice sheet targeting what Andrew calls the d3 sounds (aka /j/ . . . → Read More: Practicing Speech Words

Repurposing Packaging

I get a lot of questions about storing all of the materials that I have. One thing that is helpful for me is to keep things contained in clear packages so I can see what is inside. Easy to spot, easy to grab, easy to put away! Love it! I also like to use things . . . → Read More: Repurposing Packaging

Scratch Magic

If you’ve been following my posts, you know that I have a child who is very reluctant to write or draw. This makes practicing things like holding a pencil, practicing proper grasp with the correct finger placement, using different pressure and changing hand movements to create controlled strokes very challenging. Therefore, I am always on . . . → Read More: Scratch Magic