Repurposing Packaging

I get a lot of questions about storing all of the materials that I have. One thing that is helpful for me is to keep things contained in clear packages so I can see what is inside. Easy to spot, easy to grab, easy to put away! Love it! I also like to use things that I already have or things that sort of “appear” to me and as I purchased some new briefs for my son, I noticed that this is exactly the kind of package that I have reused many times for storage.

Package of briefs. Notice the blue snap? Love things that not only contained but also stay shut!

Empty package - don't throw it away just yet!

Perfect storing place for small items like these wooden Melissa and Doug letters.

This kind of package is perfect for holding items like markers, Do A Dot markers, straws, math cubes, stamps, yarn, stickers, calendar cutouts, index cards and frequently used directions (ex. Make the same. What comes next? Crawl and match.).

Engage, Encourage and Empower!

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