Water Wheel Pouring Station

My Obstacle Course Station Activity: Water Wheel Pouring Station

Here is a great toy to help work on pouring skills. Andrew is still very tentative about pouring and hasn’t quite gotten the slowing down when the cup is almost full concept yet. Because of this, I tend to be very involved when he is pouring things like juice but I want him to get more opportunities to practice this skill without me being so nervous about spills. I am going to use this toy because it is super motivating for him since the wheels spin as the water goes through. I am also going to work on helping him notice how fast the wheels are spinning.

Let’s make the wheels spin fast! (Pouring quickly)

Let’s slow the wheels down! (Pouring slowly, almost dribbling it in)

My Obstacle Course Station Activity: Water Wheel Pouring Station

Water Wheel

I would strongly recommend doing this station right at a sink, pulling a chair or stool up so the child can reach. This will help with filling the cup as well as working on pouring into the funnel without worrying about getting water all over the place.

Cup filled and ready.

Pouring water into the funnel.

While Andrew loves to be wet in the swimming pool, bath or shower, he does not like to be wet when wearing regular clothes. This being the case, I would provide him with towels to dry off right away or have an extra shirt on hand for him to change into right away. (I have to say that I personally don’t enjoy having wet shirt sleeves either so I totally get it.)

Water alternative: Pouring dry sand (or salt) would work as well when used in a sand bin or on a rimmed cookie sheet to catch it. I would also suggest placing a towel underneath (perhaps a beach towel to go with the theme) to help contain it to the station area.

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