Water Wheel Pouring Station

My Obstacle Course Station Activity: Water Wheel Pouring Station

Here is a great toy to help work on pouring skills. Andrew is still very tentative about pouring and hasn’t quite gotten the slowing down when the cup is almost full concept yet. Because of this, I tend to be very involved when he is pouring . . . → Read More: Water Wheel Pouring Station

Find It! Toy

I was doing a “treasure hunt” around my house to see what we have to include in a summer themed My Obstacle Course. I went into Andrew’s closet to look for some summer books and my eyes fell upon the shelf where this “Find It” toy he had received from his grandma was sitting. This . . . → Read More: Find It! Toy

Calendar Number Sequencing

I love to use calendar numbers in My Obstacle Course stations. They add instant theme and require no preparation to make (although you could make your own if you are so inclined :).). I just like to get things that I can put into a My Obstacle Course kit (see below) so I can set . . . → Read More: Calendar Number Sequencing

Squeeze Toys For Building Hand Muscles

Andrew’s OT is working with him on strengthening his hand muscles, which in turn will help him with things like handwriting. She showed me where the muscles were located and what she was doing to help build these. That got me thinking about fun ways to work on this at home, so as I did . . . → Read More: Squeeze Toys For Building Hand Muscles

Sand Pail Sorters

I love utilizing sorting stations in My Obstacle Courses. It allows children to demonstrate their knowledge and understanding without needing to have words. There are so many different sorting options depending on the things and concepts that you want to build or reinforce with your child. I have found that by changing up what the . . . → Read More: Sand Pail Sorters

Plunger + Dive Rings = Summer Themed Ring Toss

This is an activity idea I got from the Recycling Occupational Therapist: (http://recyclingot.blogspot.com/2009/06/plunger-ring-stack-activity.html)

She had posted about using a plunger for ring stacking and when I was at Target, I found these dive rings in the dollar section (I also grabbed an inexpensive new plunger. 🙂 ). While the dive rings are meant to go . . . → Read More: Plunger + Dive Rings = Summer Themed Ring Toss

Exercise Ball Swimming

Andrew is a great swimmer! He always has enjoyed being in the water and loves diving down for things like dive sticks and rings. People are always amazed at how comfortable he is in the water and I was encouraged to sign him up for swimming lessons so that he could learn the strokes and . . . → Read More: Exercise Ball Swimming

Beach Ball Questions

June is here and I cannot believe it! Time flies when you’re having fun! I will be posting on some summer themed station activities to help make skill building and reinforcement a bit more fun.

I got this idea from a company called Clever Catch that makes inflatable balls for classroom use to work on . . . → Read More: Beach Ball Questions