Sports Themed My Obstacle Course Idea #4


When I opened the email version of my post from yesterday, I realized that I was not really clear about  the link I had provided for the sports activities page. It was the very first link (in green on my website, purple if you subscribe). You can also click here for it: Enchanted Learning’s Sports Activities. Sorry for any confusion!!

Sports Cutouts from Creative Teaching Press

I also wanted to share some small (1 inch) sports cutouts that I got from Creative Teaching Press. I would use these in ways similar to how I use the felt stickers I shared earlier this week. They come in a package of 150 (25 of each sport) and are perfect for stations working on patterning, graphing, sorting or counting. (Note: I do not have any affiliation with Creative Teaching Press. I just love their materials and find them so helpful in making thematic station activities.)

Use What You Already Have!

The final post for a sports themed My Obstacle Course is just a reminder to look around your child’s toy box, your house or your garage for different kinds of balls you already have that can be incorporated into stations.

Important Note: If you have a child with a good throwing arm or a powerful kick, you may want to incorporate ball activities as “outside” stations. That is not something we have a problem with 🙂 so I make sure to include balls in our My Obstacle Courses to build bouncing, tossing, catching, rolling, and kicking skills.

Red bouncy ball.

Green bouncy ball.

Green ball to be rolled back and forth through the tunnel.

Small white ball originally meant for pool volleyball. We called it a snowball and used it for tossing and catching something smaller.

No balls? Bean bags or rolled up socks work too! Building tossing skills by tossing socks into a bin.

I like to combine ball skills with academic skills to provide more of a purpose for Andrew since kicking the ball back and forth with me is not a preferred activity. When he was younger, we would pass the ball while taking turns counting or saying the alphabet. We progressed onto counting by 10’s, 5’s and 2’s or spell out words as we’d pass the ball.

I hope that those of you with children who are crazy about sports found some ways to combine their love of sports with building some different, academic skills. Next week I will focus on some back to school tips and strategies.

Engage, Encourage and Empower!

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