Farm Themed Memory Match

This is a really easy way to create a thematic memory match game using stickers and index cards (or cutouts). Here is a link to an earlier memory match post I wrote. I like including this game because it helps to build concentration, encourages basic game skills like turn taking and provides a good opportunity . . . → Read More: Farm Themed Memory Match

Pronoun Sorting Station

Pronouns were giving Andrew a hard time, so I thought I would come up with a station activity to reinforce that “he” was for boys and “she” was for girls. I love using sorting stations because they do not require intelligible speech to demonstrate understanding. They also reinforce a specific skill or concept and are . . . → Read More: Pronoun Sorting Station

Calendar Number Sequencing

Calendar numbers make it super easy to build math skills such as number sequencing. I like to use calendar numbers because they are thematic according to the month or season, which makes building vocabulary relevant to the month we are in easier to weave into conversation as we are working with the numbers. Because the . . . → Read More: Calendar Number Sequencing

Apple Themed Tally Mark Crawl and Match

I created this Crawl and Match activity because I wanted Andrew to begin understanding what tally marks were, how they were written and how to count them. The Crawl and Match concept can be used to reinforce a wide variety of skills and concepts, this is just one example of how I did it to . . . → Read More: Apple Themed Tally Mark Crawl and Match

Apple Fact Reading and Answering Questions

When I did an “apple” search on, I came across an “Apple Book” that had a page of “Apple Facts” as well as some “Apple Questions” based on the facts. Andrew was reading but I wanted him to practice his oral reading because he would drop sounds and read too fast. I also wanted . . . → Read More: Apple Fact Reading and Answering Questions

Do A Dot Apple Trees

Here is another simple idea combining an apple tree with building fine motor skills, particularly with a child who is not crazy about doing art projects.

My Obstacle Course Station Activity: Do A Dot Apple Trees

I took a few sheets of white paper, drew an outline of a tree (I’m really good at these . . . → Read More: Do A Dot Apple Trees

How Many Apples On The Apple Tree?

This My Obstacle Course station activity is so simple yet it helps to build math skills and fine motor skills – bonus!! While I know that apples are usually picked off of an apple tree, for the purpose of this station activity, we are going to be putting apples back on the tree. I guess . . . → Read More: How Many Apples On The Apple Tree?

Pass the “Apple”

This is a super basic activity to set up yet was one of the more challenging for Andrew. I set out a red plastic bouncy ball (the “apple”) for us to pass back and forth 10 times. A red balloon would also work well for this activity and you could make it as big or . . . → Read More: Pass the “Apple”

Apple Books

Including short books or pages of books is a great station activity in any My Obstacle Course. When setting this up as My Obstacle Course station, I set out two books and have Andrew choose the book he’d like to read. Giving him the power to choose the book has worked so much more than . . . → Read More: Apple Books

Apple Themed Puff Blowing

In keeping with the apple theme, here is a station activity which uses red cotton puff balls as “apples” to blow to build oral motor skills. Here is a previous post, Puff Blowing, I did which details why I began using this activity with Andrew.

Puff Blowing Kit

I like to keep Andrew on . . . → Read More: Apple Themed Puff Blowing