Pronoun Sorting Station

Pronouns were giving Andrew a hard time, so I thought I would come up with a station activity to reinforce that “he” was for boys and “she” was for girls. I love using sorting stations because they do not require intelligible speech to demonstrate understanding. They also reinforce a specific skill or concept and are not difficult to create. This is something that took me about 5 minutes to put together and was a hit with him – double bonus!!

My Obstacle Course Station Activity: Pronoun Sorting

I found these stickers at the teacher store and got them because they had lots of different kids on them.

Stickers with kids on them.

I used a package of apple-shaped cutouts because it went with the theme we were doing (you could use index cards or paper cut into card sized pieces) and placed a sticker on each cutout. I wrote out some basic directions on an index card to place at the station.

Directions written out.

This is what the station looked like when he got to it:

My Obstacle Course Station Activity: Pronoun sorting

Choose a card from the pile, flip it over and see which pronoun the child goes with.

Sticker with a girl on it sorted into the "she" pile.

Sticker with boy on it sorted into the "he" pile.

All apples sorted into their correct pronoun pile.

Alternative pronouns to use.

See how easy it is to make a station activity that reinforces some basic, yet often challenging to reinforce, skills?

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