Jack-O-Lantern Ball

A jack-o-lantern ball like this one is a super fun addition to an October/Halloween themed My Obstacle Course! I saw one of these the other day at the grocery store and I think I got mine at Target.

Jack O Lantern Ball

Use for:

  • bouncing
  • tossing
  • catching
  • passing
  • kicking
  • rolling
  • making a basket (whether with little basketball hoop or even a laundry basket!).

Note: I use balls in the house because Andrew is not very strong with his ball skills. I say this because if he were a child who could really kick or throw, I would probably not use kicking or throwing as a station. (I saw a child at Andrew’s sports league the other day who I fully expect to see punting field goals for the pros someday with his kicking ability at age 5!) If this is the case in your house, you don’t have to scrap incorporating balls altogether. It could be used along with math facts or spelling words as a passing or rolling back and forth activity. (ex. “treat” “t” – pass/roll, “r” pass/roll, “e” pass/roll, “a” pass/roll, “t” pass/roll or you: 5+2= (pass/roll), child: 7 (pass/roll) )

Engage, Encourage and Empower!

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