Halloween Sticker Patterns

This is a super simple way to build patterning skills along with fine motor skills – Halloween themed patterning!

I had some packages of Halloween themed stickers (could be any theme at any time of the year though) and got out some orange index cards. I began a pattern using the stickers (shown in the photo) and when Andrew got to the station, he looked at the pattern, found the sticker that went next, peeled it and worked to stick it on the card.

Halloween sticker patterns

Seems easy enough, right? This was actually a really challenging activity for him, not necessarily figuring out the patterns, but all of the motor planning involved in removing the sticker, having the sticker on his fingers and then working to place the sticker carefully onto the card in the spot next to the previous sticker.

This is an example of using a strength along with a weakness to provide motivation. While he would make comments about the stickers being sticky and tricky, as he was doing this he was really focused on the pattern. If you have a child who struggles with patterns but loves stickers, this is a great way to help build patterning while using a material that they enjoy.

As you can see from the photo, this is very basic activity yet it provided a fun, thematic way to build all of these skills!

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