My Obstacle Course Kit Item #6: Food Coloring

My Obstacle Kit Item #6: Food Coloring

When thinking about how to make activities fun in order to make building more challenging skills exciting, I thought back to teaching my “Colors” unit in kindergarten. The students loved experimenting and learning how different colors are made. I started using food coloring in My Obstacle Course station . . . → Read More: My Obstacle Course Kit Item #6: Food Coloring

Building Hand Strength with Frosting and Food Coloring

I was looking for ways to build Andrew’s hand strength, particularly the muscles that allow the hand to squeeze and squash things. I have shown how I’ve used frosting in a cake decorator (Cookie Cutter Decorating) to work on this and was particularly excited about his interest in making colors with food coloring and thought . . . → Read More: Building Hand Strength with Frosting and Food Coloring

Different Shades of Blue

In keeping with the summer, beach themed My Obstacle Courses, I’m including a station to use the primary colors to make different shades of blue, like water. This is something that only takes a few minutes to set up but is so fun for children to get to play around with. An activity like this . . . → Read More: Different Shades of Blue

Stir Up Some Fun With Spring Colored Whisks!

I found these colored whisks at Target and besides being perfect for using in a spring themed My Obstacle Course, I realized they would be perfect for building a skill I was working on with Andrew.

Spring colored whisks

If At First It Doesn’t Work, Try Something Different

I had introduced a stirring activity . . . → Read More: Stir Up Some Fun With Spring Colored Whisks!

Easy Theme Reinforcers – March

One of the main reasons I came up with My Obstacle Course was to find a way to engage with Andrew at home while doing reinforcement activities for therapies and school. I found that utilizing a theme for each Obstacle Course allowed me to work on skills in all developmental areas while being purposeful and . . . → Read More: Easy Theme Reinforcers – March

Building Pouring Skills

Most young children spend a great deal of time in the bathtub playing and while they are playing, they are building skills that will help them later on. Andrew enjoyed hanging out in the tub, but he kind of did just that – he hung out in the tub, floating around, holding his breath under . . . → Read More: Building Pouring Skills


Unexpected Find = Fun, Engaging Activity

I was wandering through the aisles of my teacher supply store and saw a package of these droppers in the science section.

Dropper found in the Science section of my teacher supply store.

I thought that they would be great to introduce a little bit of experimentation while . . . → Read More: Droppers

Leftover Foil Pan? Just add…

So Thanksgiving has come and gone, we are all wishing our pants had that wonderful stretchy fabric found on maternity pants and we are dealing with all of the leftovers. Here is an idea for a leftover you may have that will not add any inches to your waistline, a foil pan you can use . . . → Read More: Leftover Foil Pan? Just add…

I’m Thankful for…Foil Pans!

When I think of November, I think about cozy, autumn days spent at home. My mission this month was to find some ways to help you build your child’s skills at home while using things that you most likely have.

The Foil Roasting Pan

The Foil Roasting Pan made it’s appearance at the end of . . . → Read More: I’m Thankful for…Foil Pans!