Apple Themed Puff Blowing

In keeping with the apple theme, here is a station activity which uses red cotton puff balls as “apples” to blow to build oral motor skills. Here is a previous post, Puff Blowing, I did which details why I began using this activity with Andrew.

Puff Blowing Kit

I like to keep Andrew on . . . → Read More: Apple Themed Puff Blowing

My Obstacle Course Kit Item #3: Colored Puffs

Kit Item #3: Colored Puffs

Two sets of colored puff balls – regular and holiday

This is one of my most favorite My Obstacle Course purchases and I actually bought this package of multi-sized, multi-colored cotton puff balls at Michael’s for my first Obstacle Course with Andrew. They were great then and I am . . . → Read More: My Obstacle Course Kit Item #3: Colored Puffs

February Puff Sorting

Puff Sorting

This is a basic activity to work on visual discrimination of color and size using colored puffs. I purchased a large bag of colored puffs, in different sizes, from Michael’s a few years ago and am still finding ways to use them in My Obstacle Courses to build different skills. Since it is . . . → Read More: February Puff Sorting

Puff Blowing

I’m sure that I am different from many people in that I have spent a good deal of time thinking about a skill that children usually pick up early on – being able to blow air out of their mouth. This skill usually comes naturally as parents model and teach their children to blow on . . . → Read More: Puff Blowing

What’s Perfect About This?

Deep breath followed by this fabulous question, “What’s perfect about this?”

I asked myself this question as I woke up one morning to find red pepper flakes in the cast iron skillet and an interesting aroma coming from my son’s room. Turns out that he loves to spin and really loves to spin glass . . . → Read More: What’s Perfect About This?

Help the Baby Chicks

This station activity is perfect for a farm-themed My Obstacle Course. All you need are some colored puffs (yellow works great for baby chicks) and some tweezers or ice tongs. I had some brown shredded paper that I placed into a baking pan because I thought it would help in pretending that they were still . . . → Read More: Help the Baby Chicks

How Many Apples On The Apple Tree?

This My Obstacle Course station activity is so simple yet it helps to build math skills and fine motor skills – bonus!! While I know that apples are usually picked off of an apple tree, for the purpose of this station activity, we are going to be putting apples back on the tree. I guess . . . → Read More: How Many Apples On The Apple Tree?

Apple Themed One To One Correspondence

Last week I shared how to make your own “Apple” book using a cute, thematic note pad and some basic facts about apples. Today I’d like to share some ways to use this same apple themed note pad (shown below) to build number skills.

Apple Note Pad

My Obstacle Course Station Activity: Show How . . . → Read More: Apple Themed One To One Correspondence

Apple Themed “Make This Number”

This was one of my favorite math activities to do with Andrew when he was building basic addition knowledge. It is really such a simple idea but was always a hit with him because it was always different whether by theme or the number he was to find.

To make it, I used my pad . . . → Read More: Apple Themed “Make This Number”

Treasure Hunting for Apple Themed Station Items

When I think of September, I think apples!! (Although at the grocery store this morning they were stocking Halloween candy – seriously?? Perhaps I’m just way behind.) Back to apples… there’s apple picking, apple cider, apple pie, etc. Just as there are lots of ways to eat and drink apples, there are also many apple . . . → Read More: Treasure Hunting for Apple Themed Station Items