My Obstacle Course Kit Item #4: Tweezers or Tongs

Kit Item #4: Tweezers or Tongs

Tweezers or tongs (or even kiddie chopsticks like the ones I got from Sur La Table) are great for building muscles required for handwriting. Tweezers are something that almost everyone has at home which makes it even better, almost like getting a free tool! They also pair quite nicely . . . → Read More: My Obstacle Course Kit Item #4: Tweezers or Tongs


This is one of my all time favorite discoveries! I was looking for ways to build Andrew’s pincer grasp for handwriting and began using tweezers because they require using the same fingers and muscles for grasping a pencil. I paired the tweezers with colored puffs in different sizes because he would have to squeeze his . . . → Read More: Tweezers

Help the Baby Chicks

This station activity is perfect for a farm-themed My Obstacle Course. All you need are some colored puffs (yellow works great for baby chicks) and some tweezers or ice tongs. I had some brown shredded paper that I placed into a baking pan because I thought it would help in pretending that they were still . . . → Read More: Help the Baby Chicks

How Many Apples On The Apple Tree?

This My Obstacle Course station activity is so simple yet it helps to build math skills and fine motor skills – bonus!! While I know that apples are usually picked off of an apple tree, for the purpose of this station activity, we are going to be putting apples back on the tree. I guess . . . → Read More: How Many Apples On The Apple Tree?

Sample My Obstacle Course Using Kit Items

I hope you have found these past posts on what I would include in a basic My Obstacle Course kit helpful. These are just some of my favorites and are examples of items that could easily be assembled to provide activities to help build your child’s skills. I encourage you to go on a little . . . → Read More: Sample My Obstacle Course Using Kit Items

My Obstacle Course Kit Item #3: Colored Puffs

Kit Item #3: Colored Puffs

Two sets of colored puff balls – regular and holiday

This is one of my most favorite My Obstacle Course purchases and I actually bought this package of multi-sized, multi-colored cotton puff balls at Michael’s for my first Obstacle Course with Andrew. They were great then and I am . . . → Read More: My Obstacle Course Kit Item #3: Colored Puffs

Packing Bubble Popping

Did you know that packing bubble sheets are great for building fine motor skills? I grabbed a bunch out of a package we received a few months ago and stashed it away, knowing that I would be able to use it for something (I’m kind of like a squirrel this way, seeing things and storing . . . → Read More: Packing Bubble Popping

Reusing Egg Coloring Cups

It’s Earth Day and I thought it would be nice to combine the practice of reusing with something you may have purchased in the past weeks – the colored cups that come with egg dying kits. Once you’re done coloring Easter eggs, the containers are perfect for using in My Obstacle Courses! They stack well . . . → Read More: Reusing Egg Coloring Cups

Jelly Beans Tweezing

I was at our grocery store and found these different colors of Easter grass.

Easter Grass in fun colors!

I purchased them not for our Easter baskets but rather to use in My Obstacle Course along with tweezers or tongs for fine motor skill building. While Andrew’s handwriting is really improving, we still need . . . → Read More: Jelly Beans Tweezing

Colored Marshmallow Sorting Station

It was springtime last year and I was on the hunt for things that reminded me of spring to use with Andrew’s My Obstacle Courses. I was in our grocery store, (which is a great place to find fun, thematic materials- especially in the “holiday” aisle and the shelves at the end of the aisle), . . . → Read More: Colored Marshmallow Sorting Station