When People Stare, Mind Your Own Business

This is a repost from my life coaching blog. I wanted to share this here because the chances are VERY high that you’ve experienced this at some point. What I share below has made such a difference for me and I am hoping that it can also help you! Thanks for reading! Margaret

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What’s Perfect About This?

Deep breath followed by this fabulous question, “What’s perfect about this?”

I asked myself this question as I woke up one morning to find red pepper flakes in the cast iron skillet and an interesting aroma coming from my son’s room. Turns out that he loves to spin and really loves to spin glass . . . → Read More: What’s Perfect About This?


I hope you all had a wonderful day yesterday. Halloween holds a special place in my heart, not because I love it or love to dress up or scare people (I actually don’t), but because it is the holiday that woke me up a bit to something I had been overlooking with Andrew.

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Back To School Tip #3

How Do You Want Your Morning To Feel?

This is the most important tip in my mind. Take a few minutes and think about how you want your mornings to feel. If your mornings are great and peaceful, than awesome! If they are causing you to feel stressed or rushed, think about what things have . . . → Read More: Back To School Tip #3

Finding Motivators to Gently Push Beyond Comfort Zones

When I did a post earlier this summer on creating a water wheel pouring station, little did I know that a water wheel was going to be the thing to motivate and encourage Andrew to get closer, even into, the ocean.

My mother in law brought a bunch of sand toys, including some pails and . . . → Read More: Finding Motivators to Gently Push Beyond Comfort Zones

More Nature, Less Electronics

Just as I like to share practical ideas for ways to work on building academic and developmental skills with your children, I’d also like to share something that has made a huge difference in my life (and now Andrew’s) over the past two years – reconnection to nature.

My "love notes" from nature.

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A Tribute To “Welcome To Holland”

This morning I woke, checked my email and went on to Facebook. I do this every morning as part of my routine but this morning someone in the Apraxia-Kids group referenced a poem called “Welcome To Holland.” How have I never heard or seen this beautifully stated poem before? I love this – thank you . . . → Read More: A Tribute To “Welcome To Holland”

Repurposing Packaging

I get a lot of questions about storing all of the materials that I have. One thing that is helpful for me is to keep things contained in clear packages so I can see what is inside. Easy to spot, easy to grab, easy to put away! Love it! I also like to use things . . . → Read More: Repurposing Packaging

Look How Far We’ve Come!

As you all know, this past weekend was Mother’s Day and my husband was on call which left me with a good deal of free, non-scheduled time at home with Andrew Saturday and Sunday. I figured I would give myself a Mother’s Day gift of doing something I had been putting off for a long . . . → Read More: Look How Far We’ve Come!

Summer Themed My Obstacle Course Finds

I’ve had a lot of people inquire about where I get my materials and seasonal items. I visit stores like Target, Michael’s and Walgreens because they have a lot of kid-friendly items that aren’t super expensive. I plan ahead so when they begin putting out items for the next season or holiday, I check out . . . → Read More: Summer Themed My Obstacle Course Finds