Computer As Translator

My last year of teaching, I had the blessing of having a child who was on the autism spectrum in my home room. At the time, I knew very little about autism but he taught me so much and I learned quite a bit that year that would later help me with Andrew.

This child . . . → Read More: Computer As Translator

Meet Them Where They Are – Part 2

A re-post for “Getting Started” week.

Meet Them Where They Are – Part 2

It was so great to hear from all of the people who agree with the importance of meeting children where they are. This is something that seems so basic and obvious yet can get overlooked when fear and frustration take over. . . . → Read More: Meet Them Where They Are – Part 2

Meet Them Where They Are – Part 1

I am re-posting this because I am doing a series this week on how to get started with doing your own My Obstacle Courses at home. I have been getting a lot of emails from people who are excited to try this with their children but need a little direction about how to start. Hopefully . . . → Read More: Meet Them Where They Are – Part 1

Inspiring Blog Award


Yesterday morning I received a surprise while checking out my friend Tracie’s blog at Cleverly Inspired. She has always been creative and on the lookout for what she could transform next. Even back in high school we would venture to a local stencil store, buy wooden things and then paint and stencil them- we . . . → Read More: Inspiring Blog Award