My Obstacle Course Kit Item #3: Colored Puffs

Kit Item #3: Colored Puffs

Two sets of colored puff balls – regular and holiday

This is one of my most favorite My Obstacle Course purchases and I actually bought this package of multi-sized, multi-colored cotton puff balls at Michael’s for my first Obstacle Course with Andrew. They were great then and I am . . . → Read More: My Obstacle Course Kit Item #3: Colored Puffs

My Obstacle Course Kit Item #1: Dice

I frequently get asked about what I would put into a My Obstacle Course kit to have some basic things to help build basic skills and I definitely have some favorite things and activities that require little if any set up at all. The next few posts will feature some of these. I have lots . . . → Read More: My Obstacle Course Kit Item #1: Dice

Party Tray Sorting: Buttons and Coins

I shared a few weeks ago about these fun, colorful plastic party trays that I found that can be also used for sorting items. (Here is the link to Party Tray Sorters.) Here are two more ways to use them with things that you probably have lying around the house. Using a party tray like . . . → Read More: Party Tray Sorting: Buttons and Coins

Find It! Toy

I was doing a “treasure hunt” around my house to see what we have to include in a summer themed My Obstacle Course. I went into Andrew’s closet to look for some summer books and my eyes fell upon the shelf where this “Find It” toy he had received from his grandma was sitting. This . . . → Read More: Find It! Toy

Sand Pail Sorters

I love utilizing sorting stations in My Obstacle Courses. It allows children to demonstrate their knowledge and understanding without needing to have words. There are so many different sorting options depending on the things and concepts that you want to build or reinforce with your child. I have found that by changing up what the . . . → Read More: Sand Pail Sorters

Pretend Play – Theme Boxes

When I first set out to really work with Andrew, one of the things that I wanted to focus on was his pretend play skills. I thought about what preschools and kindergartens did to encourage children to pretend play and realized that they simply provide materials for children to experiment with and play with usually . . . → Read More: Pretend Play – Theme Boxes

Party Tray Sorters

I found these bright, colorful, plastic party trays last year (I think at Michael’s but I cannot remember for sure 🙁 ). You can pair one of these trays with items like colored puffs, thematic felt stickers, goldfish crackers, buttons, beads, or anything that can be sorted by a specific characteristic (color, size, etc.) and . . . → Read More: Party Tray Sorters