Halloween Sticker Patterns

This is a super simple way to build patterning skills along with fine motor skills – Halloween themed patterning!

I had some packages of Halloween themed stickers (could be any theme at any time of the year though) and got out some orange index cards. I began a pattern using the stickers (shown in the . . . → Read More: Halloween Sticker Patterns

Geoboard Spider

Using a geoboard to create a spider is a great way to sneak in some fine motor and motor planning skills during an October/Halloween themed My Obstacle Course.

My geoboard spider (I always try out activities beforehand in case they don't work.).

This is a super easy station to set up, all you need . . . → Read More: Geoboard Spider

Help the Baby Chicks

This station activity is perfect for a farm-themed My Obstacle Course. All you need are some colored puffs (yellow works great for baby chicks) and some tweezers or ice tongs. I had some brown shredded paper that I placed into a baking pan because I thought it would help in pretending that they were still . . . → Read More: Help the Baby Chicks

Farm Themed Sticker Story

When I purchase things to use in My Obstacle Courses with Andrew, I LOVE it when I can use them for multiple activities. Here is just one example of how easy it is to create a completely different activity using something as basic as package of stickers.

I had some farm stickers, which I used . . . → Read More: Farm Themed Sticker Story

Do A Dot Apple Trees

Here is another simple idea combining an apple tree with building fine motor skills, particularly with a child who is not crazy about doing art projects.

My Obstacle Course Station Activity: Do A Dot Apple Trees

I took a few sheets of white paper, drew an outline of a tree (I’m really good at these . . . → Read More: Do A Dot Apple Trees

How Many Apples On The Apple Tree?

This My Obstacle Course station activity is so simple yet it helps to build math skills and fine motor skills – bonus!! While I know that apples are usually picked off of an apple tree, for the purpose of this station activity, we are going to be putting apples back on the tree. I guess . . . → Read More: How Many Apples On The Apple Tree?

Sports Themed My Obstacle Course Idea #3

Enchanted Learning Website – Sports Theme

I have mentioned this website before (click here for previous Enchanted Learning post) because I love how easy they make it to be thematic while building academic skills. It is a subscription site with some free materials but I have found it to be worth the fee for what . . . → Read More: Sports Themed My Obstacle Course Idea #3

Gone Fishin!

Andrew was always taken with the fishing game sold in stores, the one where the fish go around in a circle while opening and closing their mouths while you try to get the end of the fishing line in their mouths. He got one and was extremely frustrated. I tried it and got extremely frustrated. . . . → Read More: Gone Fishin!

Sand Writing

No beach? No problem! I shared in an earlier post about creating a Sand Bin and how that can be used to hide items to increase sensory tolerance and build hand muscles through sand play. This bin can also be used to build handwriting skills by having your child do some sand writing.

One of . . . → Read More: Sand Writing

Different Shades of Blue

In keeping with the summer, beach themed My Obstacle Courses, I’m including a station to use the primary colors to make different shades of blue, like water. This is something that only takes a few minutes to set up but is so fun for children to get to play around with. An activity like this . . . → Read More: Different Shades of Blue