Dinosaur/Dragon Type Water Squirters

I found these dinosaur/dragon type water squirters at Walgreens in the “seasonal” aisle. They are basically water guns without the pointy gun aspect, which I really like!

Dinosaur/dragon type water squirters.

I picked them up because they are great for water fun on hot days but also help build hand strength through squeezing to . . . → Read More: Dinosaur/Dragon Type Water Squirters

Sensory Sand Bin

I’ve done previous posts on using sensory bins with dried beans and fake snow and think that a perfect summer sensory bin is a sand bin. This is something that I would do in a low, wide plastic bin with a lid, so it can be stored away while not in use. I would also . . . → Read More: Sensory Sand Bin

Party Tray Sorting: Buttons and Coins

I shared a few weeks ago about these fun, colorful plastic party trays that I found that can be also used for sorting items. (Here is the link to Party Tray Sorters.) Here are two more ways to use them with things that you probably have lying around the house. Using a party tray like . . . → Read More: Party Tray Sorting: Buttons and Coins

Pipe Cleaner Twisting

This is an activity that I came up with to work on hand coordination with Andrew. He is not yet tying his shoes (I am thankful for velcro and Crocs!) but I wanted to work with him on using his hands together while doing different things with each hand. (Turned out that his Occupational Therapist . . . → Read More: Pipe Cleaner Twisting

Packing Bubble Popping

Did you know that packing bubble sheets are great for building fine motor skills? I grabbed a bunch out of a package we received a few months ago and stashed it away, knowing that I would be able to use it for something (I’m kind of like a squirrel this way, seeing things and storing . . . → Read More: Packing Bubble Popping

Squeeze Toys For Building Hand Muscles

Andrew’s OT is working with him on strengthening his hand muscles, which in turn will help him with things like handwriting. She showed me where the muscles were located and what she was doing to help build these. That got me thinking about fun ways to work on this at home, so as I did . . . → Read More: Squeeze Toys For Building Hand Muscles

Velvet Coloring Pages

These are Velvet Coloring Books that I found in the dollar section of Target recently. (Andrew also got one yesterday from a friend at school as a birthday favor.)



Jungle Animals

I have seen these many times before, I even remember coloring with them while I was growing up but . . . → Read More: Velvet Coloring Pages

Scratch Magic

If you’ve been following my posts, you know that I have a child who is very reluctant to write or draw. This makes practicing things like holding a pencil, practicing proper grasp with the correct finger placement, using different pressure and changing hand movements to create controlled strokes very challenging. Therefore, I am always on . . . → Read More: Scratch Magic

Geoboards – Fine Motor Skill Building Tool

The “geoboard” is something that is found in most elementary school classrooms and is generally used for the purpose of building math skills like making geometric shapes and finding area and perimeter. This is something that I will definitely work on with Andrew someday but when I looked at this tool I realized that it . . . → Read More: Geoboards – Fine Motor Skill Building Tool

Make the Same – Part 2

I modeled this My Obstacle Course station activity after several packaged toys I’ve seen that come with pattern cards for children to replicate. It’s so easy to make your own and custom fit them to what your child needs to work on.

To make them, I used some color coding dot stickers that I found . . . → Read More: Make the Same – Part 2