Jack-O-Lantern Ball

A jack-o-lantern ball like this one is a super fun addition to an October/Halloween themed My Obstacle Course! I saw one of these the other day at the grocery store and I think I got mine at Target.

Jack O Lantern Ball

Use for: bouncing tossing catching passing kicking rolling making a basket (whether . . . → Read More: Jack-O-Lantern Ball

Apple Themed Tally Mark Crawl and Match

I created this Crawl and Match activity because I wanted Andrew to begin understanding what tally marks were, how they were written and how to count them. The Crawl and Match concept can be used to reinforce a wide variety of skills and concepts, this is just one example of how I did it to . . . → Read More: Apple Themed Tally Mark Crawl and Match

Pass the “Apple”

This is a super basic activity to set up yet was one of the more challenging for Andrew. I set out a red plastic bouncy ball (the “apple”) for us to pass back and forth 10 times. A red balloon would also work well for this activity and you could make it as big or . . . → Read More: Pass the “Apple”

Sports Themed My Obstacle Course Idea #4


When I opened the email version of my post from yesterday, I realized that I was not really clear about the link I had provided for the sports activities page. It was the very first link (in green on my website, purple if you subscribe). You can also click here for it: Enchanted Learning’s . . . → Read More: Sports Themed My Obstacle Course Idea #4

Sports Themed My Obstacle Course Idea #3

Enchanted Learning Website – Sports Theme

I have mentioned this website before (click here for previous Enchanted Learning post) because I love how easy they make it to be thematic while building academic skills. It is a subscription site with some free materials but I have found it to be worth the fee for what . . . → Read More: Sports Themed My Obstacle Course Idea #3

Plunger + Dive Rings = Summer Themed Ring Toss

This is an activity idea I got from the Recycling Occupational Therapist: (http://recyclingot.blogspot.com/2009/06/plunger-ring-stack-activity.html)

She had posted about using a plunger for ring stacking and when I was at Target, I found these dive rings in the dollar section (I also grabbed an inexpensive new plunger. 🙂 ). While the dive rings are meant to go . . . → Read More: Plunger + Dive Rings = Summer Themed Ring Toss

Exercise Ball Swimming

Andrew is a great swimmer! He always has enjoyed being in the water and loves diving down for things like dive sticks and rings. People are always amazed at how comfortable he is in the water and I was encouraged to sign him up for swimming lessons so that he could learn the strokes and . . . → Read More: Exercise Ball Swimming

Beach Ball Questions

June is here and I cannot believe it! Time flies when you’re having fun! I will be posting on some summer themed station activities to help make skill building and reinforcement a bit more fun.

I got this idea from a company called Clever Catch that makes inflatable balls for classroom use to work on . . . → Read More: Beach Ball Questions

The Nap Mat…Not Just For Napping!

Ahhhh…the nap mat! How I would love to have a mandatory nap time. Perhaps I’ll carry this around with me and when I get tired whip it out and take a nap. Wouldn’t that be awesome!!

Perfect for forward rolls!

This is something I picked up two years ago at the beginning of the . . . → Read More: The Nap Mat…Not Just For Napping!

Crawl and Match

This is one of my favorite My Obstacle Course station activities because it is so simple and has so many possibilities!

My Obstacle Course Station Activity: "Crawl and Match"

Crawl and Match is as simple as it sounds. On one end of a carpet runner, or carpeted area, I place some objects, cards or . . . → Read More: Crawl and Match