Math Fact Sorting

This is a station activity that I made last year to help Andrew work on his math facts. It was a huge hit with him and it is another example of how easy it is to tweak something so that a child can demonstrate their knowledge.

Intelligibility and legibility DO NOT indicate intelligence!

He was . . . → Read More: Math Fact Sorting

Balloon Tossing

This is an idea that I tried years ago as a My Obstacle Course station activity when working on ball skills but heard about it again last week from Andrew’s Occupational Therapist so I thought I would share. I began using balloons when it became obvious to me that ball skills were going to be . . . → Read More: Balloon Tossing

Valentine Themed Ball

Sparkly Valentine Ball (that also happens to light up when bounced!!)

This particular ball holds a special place in my heart and while I know that sounds corny, it actually does. I found this ball last year and purchased it because it was sparkly and went along with the February theme since it had . . . → Read More: Valentine Themed Ball

Make Your Own Tunnel

Andrew began getting OT (occupational therapy) services this year and it has made such a big difference for him. I would sit in the waiting room and listen to the laughter coming from the kids and the therapists – what a fun job!! One day they had me come back and Andrew was creeping and . . . → Read More: Make Your Own Tunnel

Energetic Children Part 2

The My Obstacle Course station ideas I gave yesterday included toys and tools that we have accumulated through the years as holiday and birthday gifts as well as some things that we purchased for him to work on his motor skills. Today I will focus more on things that I have around my house and . . . → Read More: Energetic Children Part 2

Energetic Children?

The next two posts are specifically for all of you out there with children who are really active and need to be moving around (like my child!). One of the things about My Obstacle Course that has made such a huge difference for us is the fact that the activity stations are not long, drawn . . . → Read More: Energetic Children?

Ball Play a Problem? Try Something Sparkly!

My son is one of those children that doesn’t like to play ball- throwing, tossing, catching or kicking – doesn’t matter, because right now* he could care less. (*Note: I say “right now” because there have been things in the past that he didn’t care about (ex. handwriting) but now he does (because he’s obsessed . . . → Read More: Ball Play a Problem? Try Something Sparkly!


One of the great things about My Obstacle Courses is that multiple areas of development are mixed and matched giving me more bang for my buck, especially when needing to build skills that my son wasn’t crazy about practicing. I had learned about the importance of crawling for brain development (cross-patterning, using both sides of . . . → Read More: Tunnels