Enchanted Learning Halloween Themed Pages

If you have been following my posts for a while, you know how much I love to use materials from www.EnchantedLearning.com. Here are some examples of what they have to help build math skills using the Halloween theme.

Count the bats and write the number.

Station set up for Andrew with numbers printed . . . → Read More: Enchanted Learning Halloween Themed Pages

Halloween Sticker Patterns

This is a super simple way to build patterning skills along with fine motor skills – Halloween themed patterning!

I had some packages of Halloween themed stickers (could be any theme at any time of the year though) and got out some orange index cards. I began a pattern using the stickers (shown in the . . . → Read More: Halloween Sticker Patterns

Halloween Ring Sort and Count

This is one of my favorite station activities because it was one of those moments where I realized that I could take an item, alter it a bit from it’s original intended use and create activities with it to build skills and find out what Andrew knew.

I purchased a package of Halloween rings (either . . . → Read More: Halloween Ring Sort and Count

Autumn Themed “Make This Number”

I first did a post sharing this activity in September (Apple Themed Make This Number) and wanted to share how easy it is to update this station activity simply by using some colored index cards and thematic or seasonal stickers.

For the autumn-themed number cards, I decided to use colors that represent autumn for me . . . → Read More: Autumn Themed “Make This Number”

Autumn Manipulatives

You have heard me mention the word “manipulatives” many times and in case you don’t know what they are, they are basically items that children can manipulate while working math problems.

Here are some manipulatives that are perfect for an autumn themed My Obstacle Course:

From our yard

From Pottery Barn

Some . . . → Read More: Autumn Manipulatives

Calendar Number Sequencing

Calendar numbers make it super easy to build math skills such as number sequencing. I like to use calendar numbers because they are thematic according to the month or season, which makes building vocabulary relevant to the month we are in easier to weave into conversation as we are working with the numbers. Because the . . . → Read More: Calendar Number Sequencing

Apple Themed Tally Mark Crawl and Match

I created this Crawl and Match activity because I wanted Andrew to begin understanding what tally marks were, how they were written and how to count them. The Crawl and Match concept can be used to reinforce a wide variety of skills and concepts, this is just one example of how I did it to . . . → Read More: Apple Themed Tally Mark Crawl and Match

How Many Apples On The Apple Tree?

This My Obstacle Course station activity is so simple yet it helps to build math skills and fine motor skills – bonus!! While I know that apples are usually picked off of an apple tree, for the purpose of this station activity, we are going to be putting apples back on the tree. I guess . . . → Read More: How Many Apples On The Apple Tree?

Apple Themed One To One Correspondence

Last week I shared how to make your own “Apple” book using a cute, thematic note pad and some basic facts about apples. Today I’d like to share some ways to use this same apple themed note pad (shown below) to build number skills.

Apple Note Pad

My Obstacle Course Station Activity: Show How . . . → Read More: Apple Themed One To One Correspondence

Mini Apple Cut-Outs

I’m going to try something different in my upcoming posts. I’ve been feeling like I’m not providing enough prep time by posting on thematic/seasonal things as the theme or season is taking place (would love to hear thoughts on this!). I’ve decided to try bunching some ideas I have that utilize similar materials instead of . . . → Read More: Mini Apple Cut-Outs