Apple Themed “Make This Number”

This was one of my favorite math activities to do with Andrew when he was building basic addition knowledge. It is really such a simple idea but was always a hit with him because it was always different whether by theme or the number he was to find.

To make it, I used my pad . . . → Read More: Apple Themed “Make This Number”

Sports Themed My Obstacle Course Idea #3

Enchanted Learning Website – Sports Theme

I have mentioned this website before (click here for previous Enchanted Learning post) because I love how easy they make it to be thematic while building academic skills. It is a subscription site with some free materials but I have found it to be worth the fee for what . . . → Read More: Sports Themed My Obstacle Course Idea #3

Sports Themed My Obstacle Course Idea #2

I found these really cute sports stickers at Michael’s and while they are probably meant for some art project (like a picture frame) or a scrapbook page, I got them to help build math skills like patterning, sequencing, counting and building math vocabulary.

They are great because they can be used to create your own . . . → Read More: Sports Themed My Obstacle Course Idea #2

Sports Themed My Obstacle Course Idea #1

While sports are not a big thing with Andrew, I know that for a lot of children if they could play sports all day they would. For those of you with children like this, it may seem like more of a challenge to find ways to motivate them to build academic skills however there are . . . → Read More: Sports Themed My Obstacle Course Idea #1

Gone Fishin!

Andrew was always taken with the fishing game sold in stores, the one where the fish go around in a circle while opening and closing their mouths while you try to get the end of the fishing line in their mouths. He got one and was extremely frustrated. I tried it and got extremely frustrated. . . . → Read More: Gone Fishin!

My Obstacle Course Kit Item #1: Dice

I frequently get asked about what I would put into a My Obstacle Course kit to have some basic things to help build basic skills and I definitely have some favorite things and activities that require little if any set up at all. The next few posts will feature some of these. I have lots . . . → Read More: My Obstacle Course Kit Item #1: Dice

Easy Object Graphing

As I reviewed Andrew’s end of year progress report, I noticed that he still needed some reinforcement with graphing. I looked through my stuff to see what I could have him graph. There were all sorts of things – stickers, buttons, a variety of Goldfish crackers, fruity Cheerios, pattern cards, etc. (Here is a past . . . → Read More: Easy Object Graphing

Party Tray Sorting: Buttons and Coins

I shared a few weeks ago about these fun, colorful plastic party trays that I found that can be also used for sorting items. (Here is the link to Party Tray Sorters.) Here are two more ways to use them with things that you probably have lying around the house. Using a party tray like this . . . → Read More: Party Tray Sorting: Buttons and Coins

Calendar Number Sequencing

I love to use calendar numbers in My Obstacle Course stations. They add instant theme and require no preparation to make (although you could make your own if you are so inclined :).). I just like to get things that I can put into a My Obstacle Course kit (see below) so I can set . . . → Read More: Calendar Number Sequencing

Make Your Own Counting Book

I wanted to work on the math concepts of “How many ___?” and “How many in all?” with Andrew. While my first preference is to use objects or manipulatives, I also realized that it would be helpful for him to be able to count things on paper. I wanted to see how he would do . . . → Read More: Make Your Own Counting Book