Apple Fact Reading and Answering Questions

When I did an “apple” search on, I came across an “Apple Book” that had a page of “Apple Facts” as well as some “Apple Questions” based on the facts. Andrew was reading but I wanted him to practice his oral reading because he would drop sounds and read too fast. I also wanted . . . → Read More: Apple Fact Reading and Answering Questions

Apple Themed Puff Blowing

In keeping with the apple theme, here is a station activity which uses red cotton puff balls as “apples” to blow to build oral motor skills. Here is a previous post, Puff Blowing, I did which details why I began using this activity with Andrew.

Puff Blowing Kit

I like to keep Andrew on . . . → Read More: Apple Themed Puff Blowing

Patriotic Pinwheel Blowing

Patriotic Pinwheel

You may have picked some of these up for your yard or bicycle this Memorial Day but did you also realize that you can use this patriotic yard decoration to help your child build oral motor skills?

Andrew had a lot of difficulty trying to figure out how to blow air out . . . → Read More: Patriotic Pinwheel Blowing

Practicing Speech Words

It really can be as easy as this next My Obstacle Course station activity that I am going to tell you about! When Andrew goes to speech, we usually get a sheet of words, mostly with pictures, to take home to practice.

Speech practice sheet targeting what Andrew calls the d3 sounds (aka /j/ . . . → Read More: Practicing Speech Words

Practicing Speech Sounds

Most speech pathologists will send home practice pages with words that have the target sound for the child to work on. If they do not, contact them and let them know that you would like to reinforce what they are doing and would like to stay current on the sounds your child needs to practice. . . . → Read More: Practicing Speech Sounds

Using A Mirror To Practice Speech Sounds

A basic mirror helps him see his mouth, particularly his lips and tongue, while practicing speech sounds.

This is a very basic idea that we have used quite a bit with Andrew. He has apraxia of speech which makes it very difficult for him to make certain sounds. What comes naturally and easily over . . . → Read More: Using A Mirror To Practice Speech Sounds

Puff Blowing

I’m sure that I am different from many people in that I have spent a good deal of time thinking about a skill that children usually pick up early on – being able to blow air out of their mouth. This skill usually comes naturally as parents model and teach their children to blow on . . . → Read More: Puff Blowing

Calendar Cutout Matching

My Obstacle Course station activity: Calendar Cutout Matching – Holiday Words and Pictures

Matching has been an important activity for us in My Obstacle Courses, especially when Andrew’s speech was not intelligible. He didn’t need to speak intelligibly to show what he knew because he could demonstrate his knowledge by matching pictures, letters, words . . . → Read More: Calendar Cutout Matching