February Puff Sorting

Puff Sorting

This is a basic activity to work on visual discrimination of color and size using colored puffs. I purchased a large bag of colored puffs, in different sizes, from Michael’s a few years ago and am still finding ways to use them in My Obstacle Courses to build different skills. Since it is . . . → Read More: February Puff Sorting

Things That Go Together

One concept that comes up in evaluations and therapies is being able to determine what things go together (like hammer and nail, bowl and spoon, etc.). This usually involves the child looking at a picture of something and having to choose from another set of pictures what goes with it. Being able to match things . . . → Read More: Things That Go Together


Unexpected Find = Fun, Engaging Activity

I was wandering through the aisles of my teacher supply store and saw a package of these droppers in the science section.

Dropper found in the Science section of my teacher supply store.

I thought that they would be great to introduce a little bit of experimentation while . . . → Read More: Droppers

Sticker Cards

Two of my favorite items to use when making My Obstacle Course stations are colored index cards and stickers. I love how they make things colorful and bright while also allowing me to change up the theme easily with stickers.

Snowflake stickers and colored index cards

Building Math Skills

Before setting up My Obstacle . . . → Read More: Sticker Cards

Winter Themed Graph

Math was one of my favorite subjects to teach and is something that I find easy to incorporate into My Obstacle Courses with Andrew. One of my favorite station activities is graphing. This one activity builds many different skills – sorting (visual discrimination), arranging (fine motor skill), counting (math), and answering questions using the graph . . . → Read More: Winter Themed Graph

Winter Themed Memory Match

I am in the process of gathering and creating materials for Andrew’s Obstacle Courses this month and am going to share one of his favorite station activities, memory match. This was one of my first posts but feel it’s worth revisiting because I have had many new visitors since then. (Click here to view the . . . → Read More: Winter Themed Memory Match

New Toys Not Played With…Now What?

It seemed like every year Christmas would come, I would go out, search for toys and find some that I thought would be fabulous for Andrew. I tended to choose pretty basic things that had lots of possibility in my mind to build his pretend play skills. He would open the toys and they would . . . → Read More: New Toys Not Played With…Now What?

Button Sorting

Years before I had Andrew, I was a teacher. I taught kindergarten for 4 years and loved it! I loved it because of the emphasis on play and discovery when given common household items, such as buttons. One year I requested that families send in any unused buttons that they may have lying around their . . . → Read More: Button Sorting

Thematic Memory Match

One of my original goals when I began doing My Obstacle Courses with my son was to work on building his play skills, particularly turn taking since he is an only child and doesn’t have to do that very often. As I looked through his toy closet, I noticed that we had accumulated a number . . . → Read More: Thematic Memory Match