Help the Baby Chicks

This station activity is perfect for a farm-themed My Obstacle Course. All you need are some colored puffs (yellow works great for baby chicks) and some tweezers or ice tongs. I had some brown shredded paper that I placed into a baking pan because I thought it would help in pretending that they were still . . . → Read More: Help the Baby Chicks

Sand Writing

No beach? No problem! I shared in an earlier post about creating a Sand Bin and how that can be used to hide items to increase sensory tolerance and build hand muscles through sand play. This bin can also be used to build handwriting skills by having your child do some sand writing.

One of . . . → Read More: Sand Writing

Different Shades of Blue

In keeping with the summer, beach themed My Obstacle Courses, I’m including a station to use the primary colors to make different shades of blue, like water. This is something that only takes a few minutes to set up but is so fun for children to get to play around with. An activity like this . . . → Read More: Different Shades of Blue

Fourth of July Hat “Search and Find”

Fourth of July hat “Search and Find” is a modification of the “St. Patrick’s Hat Search and Find” I posted on in March. This version uses a July themed hat (think Uncle Sam and parades!) along with some different textured items. I liked this hat because it was deep enough to put items in so . . . → Read More: Fourth of July Hat “Search and Find”

Sensory Sand Bin

I’ve done previous posts on using sensory bins with dried beans and fake snow and think that a perfect summer sensory bin is a sand bin. This is something that I would do in a low, wide plastic bin with a lid, so it can be stored away while not in use. I would also . . . → Read More: Sensory Sand Bin

Water Wheel Pouring Station

My Obstacle Course Station Activity: Water Wheel Pouring Station

Here is a great toy to help work on pouring skills. Andrew is still very tentative about pouring and hasn’t quite gotten the slowing down when the cup is almost full concept yet. Because of this, I tend to be very involved when he is pouring . . . → Read More: Water Wheel Pouring Station

Building Letter Recognition – Sensory Bin Letter Hunt

I recently received a letter asking about activities to work on beginning letter identification and uppercase/lowercase matching. As with any concept I work on with Andrew, I begin by providing him with very basic activities and build according to what he needs. This is one of my favorite ways to approach this and lots of . . . → Read More: Building Letter Recognition – Sensory Bin Letter Hunt

Jelly Beans Tweezing

I was at our grocery store and found these different colors of Easter grass.

Easter Grass in fun colors!

I purchased them not for our Easter baskets but rather to use in My Obstacle Course along with tweezers or tongs for fine motor skill building. While Andrew’s handwriting is really improving, we still need . . . → Read More: Jelly Beans Tweezing

Stir Up Some Fun With Spring Colored Whisks!

I found these colored whisks at Target and besides being perfect for using in a spring themed My Obstacle Course, I realized they would be perfect for building a skill I was working on with Andrew.

Spring colored whisks

If At First It Doesn’t Work, Try Something Different

I had introduced a stirring activity . . . → Read More: Stir Up Some Fun With Spring Colored Whisks!

St. Patrick’s Hat “Search and Find”

My Obstacle Course Station Activity: St. Patrick's Hat "Search and Find"

I got this idea from a game that Andrew’s class had been playing called “Ned’s Head.” The idea for this and the “Ned’s Head” game comes from using the sense of touch to locate or identify an object. (Here is a google link . . . → Read More: St. Patrick’s Hat “Search and Find”