No “Ick” Finger Painting

Finger Painting! A wonderful, soothing activity to express creativity with cold, wet paint on a blank canvas of white paper – for some that is. For others, it is definitely a non-preferred, “avoid if possible” activity. Why is this? Some people, especially those with sensory sensitivities, do not like getting things on their skin. There . . . → Read More: No “Ick” Finger Painting

Make Your Own Tunnel

Andrew began getting OT (occupational therapy) services this year and it has made such a big difference for him. I would sit in the waiting room and listen to the laughter coming from the kids and the therapists – what a fun job!! One day they had me come back and Andrew was creeping and . . . → Read More: Make Your Own Tunnel

Cookie Cutter Decorating

While I love to cook, I cannot bake. When I say I cannot bake, I mean I really cannot bake, not even cookies you drop onto a tray. This has been an issue all of my life and whenever I get up the courage to try again, I always end up with cookies that are . . . → Read More: Cookie Cutter Decorating

Snowy Sensory Bin

I have posted before on how much I love using sensory bins as activity stations in My Obstacle Courses (probably as much as Andrew loves having them!) and showed how to make a Sensory Bean Bin. This Snowy Sensory Bin is perfect for a winter themed Obstacle Course and you can see it in action . . . → Read More: Snowy Sensory Bin

Thematic Memory Match

One of my original goals when I began doing My Obstacle Courses with my son was to work on building his play skills, particularly turn taking since he is an only child and doesn’t have to do that very often. As I looked through his toy closet, I noticed that we had accumulated a number . . . → Read More: Thematic Memory Match

Sensory Bean Bin Add-In: Scrabble Letters

I love using the bean bin in My Obstacle Courses because I can work on my son’s sensory issues while combining it with things that he finds interesting. He loves letters and words so for us it makes complete sense to combine the two!

Most everyone has a Scrabble game in their house, a game . . . → Read More: Sensory Bean Bin Add-In: Scrabble Letters