Farm Themed Memory Match

This is a really easy way to create a thematic memory match game using stickers and index cards (or cutouts). Here is a link to an earlier memory match post I wrote. I like including this game because it helps to build concentration, encourages basic game skills like turn taking and provides a good opportunity . . . → Read More: Farm Themed Memory Match

Summer Themed Memory Match

If you’ve been following my posts, you know by now that Andrew is crazy about memory match games. Using colored index cards and stickers makes it so easy to create new, thematic memory match games that go with whatever we are doing. (Here is the link for the original Thematic Memory Match post with step . . . → Read More: Summer Themed Memory Match

Beach Ball Questions

June is here and I cannot believe it! Time flies when you’re having fun! I will be posting on some summer themed station activities to help make skill building and reinforcement a bit more fun.

I got this idea from a company called Clever Catch that makes inflatable balls for classroom use to work on . . . → Read More: Beach Ball Questions

Recognizing Feelings Using Photographs

This is an early My Obstacle Course station activity that I did with Andrew (he was four at the time). I wanted to help him recognize and understand facial expressions in other people and thought that it would be a good idea to start with pictures of himself.

My Obstacle Course Station Activity: Match the . . . → Read More: Recognizing Feelings Using Photographs

Cootie Catcher

I received some wonderful materials from Creative Teaching Press and these “Cootie Catchers” were included.

Package of "All About Me" Cootie Catchers

Seeing this activity sent me back to elementary school days remembering when we would make these out of loose-leaf paper in order to determine who best friends were, who we were going . . . → Read More: Cootie Catcher

Emotion/Feeling Stamps

We received these stamps as a Christmas gift this year and they are awesome! They allow us to build the fine motor skill of stamping while talking about and modeling different situations that might result in different feelings. We are definitely going to be using these in an upcoming My Obstacle Course, primarily because Andrew . . . → Read More: Emotion/Feeling Stamps

How Do They Feel?

My Obstacle Course Activity Idea: How Do They Feel? Sorting Station

This is a station activity I used with Andrew to work on recognizing how other people might be feeling during certain situations. This is a very easy station to make and only takes a short amount of time to write the situations, especially if . . . → Read More: How Do They Feel?

Recognizing Silly Things

Andrew has been getting the High Five magazine (the Highlights magazine’s version for younger children) for a few years now and he always had his favorite section that he’d flip to right away – Hidden Pictures. One day I was looking at it with him and we came across the “That’s Silly!” section and I . . . → Read More: Recognizing Silly Things

Annie the Bear

Social Skill Building: Thinking Beyond One’s Own Needs

One of the things that we are continually working on with Andrew is his social skills. He is gifted at being able to get everyone around him to meet his wants and needs, even when his speech was limited to “uh uh uhs.” He is an only . . . → Read More: Annie the Bear