Sample My Obstacle Course Using Kit Items

I hope you have found these past posts on what I would include in a basic My Obstacle Course kit helpful. These are just some of my favorites and are examples of items that could easily be assembled to provide activities to help build your child’s skills. I encourage you to go on a little . . . → Read More: Sample My Obstacle Course Using Kit Items

My Obstacle Course Kit Item #4: Tweezers or Tongs

Kit Item #4: Tweezers or Tongs

Tweezers or tongs (or even kiddie chopsticks like the ones I got from Sur La Table) are great for building muscles required for handwriting. Tweezers are something that almost everyone has at home which makes it even better, almost like getting a free tool! They also pair quite nicely . . . → Read More: My Obstacle Course Kit Item #4: Tweezers or Tongs

Fourth of July Hat “Search and Find”

Fourth of July hat “Search and Find” is a modification of the “St. Patrick’s Hat Search and Find” I posted on in March. This version uses a July themed hat (think Uncle Sam and parades!) along with some different textured items. I liked this hat because it was deep enough to put items in so . . . → Read More: Fourth of July Hat “Search and Find”

Party Tray Sorters

I found these bright, colorful, plastic party trays last year (I think at Michael’s but I cannot remember for sure 🙁 ). You can pair one of these trays with items like colored puffs, thematic felt stickers, goldfish crackers, buttons, beads, or anything that can be sorted by a specific characteristic (color, size, etc.) and . . . → Read More: Party Tray Sorters

Reusing Egg Coloring Cups

It’s Earth Day and I thought it would be nice to combine the practice of reusing with something you may have purchased in the past weeks – the colored cups that come with egg dying kits. Once you’re done coloring Easter eggs, the containers are perfect for using in My Obstacle Courses! They stack well . . . → Read More: Reusing Egg Coloring Cups

Spring Colored Containers

I love containers! I don’t know what it is about them, it just always makes me feel good to know that something has a place. When I began doing My Obstacle Courses with Andrew, I began collecting inexpensive containers (paper or plastic cups included!) that went along with themes that would not only help me . . . → Read More: Spring Colored Containers


This is one of my all time favorite discoveries! I was looking for ways to build Andrew’s pincer grasp for handwriting and began using tweezers because they require using the same fingers and muscles for grasping a pencil. I paired the tweezers with colored puffs in different sizes because he would have to squeeze his . . . → Read More: Tweezers


If you are looking for a fun way to sneak in basic number identification, counting skills and/or math facts, try using something you probably have sitting in a cupboard inside of a board game box – dice. I like to use dice because it keeps things random, requires no set up, helps build motor skills . . . → Read More: Dice

My Obstacle Course: February Theme

Here is a video clip from a February themed My Obstacle Course that we did last year. The station activities are all specific to the skills and concepts that Andrew was working on in therapy and school but I want you to see how it looks when I combine the station activities I post on . . . → Read More: My Obstacle Course: February Theme

Race To 100!

The other day was the “Hundredth Day of School” for Andrew and for those of you who don’t know about this, it is a big deal for young children. At the beginning of the school year they begin keeping track of how many days they have been in school. This allows for a very natural . . . → Read More: Race To 100!