Greater Than/Less Than Using Sticker Cards

Here is a link to a previous post, Sticker Cards, that I did showing how to make what I call sticker number cards. These are modeled after a deck of cards but because I make them with stickers and colored index cards, they can be made quite easily to go with the theme we are . . . → Read More: Greater Than/Less Than Using Sticker Cards

Using Timers for Motivation and Self Regulation

I am someone who LOVES (and needs) to use a timer. I tend to get distracted easily (wonder where Andrew gets it from!) but there is something about a timer that helps me to focus. It is great because when the timer is on, I think, “Ok, I can do ___ for x amount of . . . → Read More: Using Timers for Motivation and Self Regulation

Emotion/Feeling Stamps

We received these stamps as a Christmas gift this year and they are awesome! They allow us to build the fine motor skill of stamping while talking about and modeling different situations that might result in different feelings. We are definitely going to be using these in an upcoming My Obstacle Course, primarily because Andrew . . . → Read More: Emotion/Feeling Stamps

Enchanted Learning

Enchanted Learning is one of my favorite websites to find thematic materials and ideas to use in My Obstacle Courses. I began using the site years ago while teaching because they have thematic materials for multiple grade/age levels and all academic areas. The information and activities are well organized and have great . . . → Read More: Enchanted Learning