What is My Obstacle Course?

My Obstacle Course station idea: coloring on different textures

My Obstacle Course uses the structure of stations (numbered spaces to work- think life size dot to dot, where the child goes in order from one activity station to the next), combined with thematic activities to build developmental and academic skills so that parents are able to work with their child at home.

  • It ties together activities to create meaning instead of having your child working on random things at random times.
  • The activities include all modes of learning- visual, auditory and kinesthetic.
  • The activities can put to use things that are already in your home or can be easily created using calendar cut-outs, colored index cards and stickers.

My Obstacle Course station idea: clothesline clipping opposite words

My Obstacle Course activity stations can transform any room into one where flat surfaces become work spaces for sorting, sequencing or matching.  Chairs hold a clothesline so opposites, rhymes or function words can be clipped together.  Crawling, jumping, ball tossing are paired with math and language concepts as part of the fun and learning.

My Obstacle Course station idea: combining sticker cards to make a given number

My Obstacle Course is an event where you and your child are spending quality time working together on the skills and concepts that they need and are ready for.

  • The skills and concepts are specific to where your child is developmentally, not where they are “supposed” to be purely based on their chronological age.
  • My Obstacle Course allows you to work on the peaks and valleys that exist in your child’s learning without insulting them.
  • It is important to work on your child’s strengths, not only focusing on their weaknesses.

My Obstacle Course station idea: using tweezers to move colored puffs out of shredded paper (we were actually pretending they were baby spiders needing to get back with their mom)

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